Taking action on Climate Change


Taking action on Climate Change

Taking action on Climate Change – what is the Commission doing?

The Commission’s role is to mobilise action across the sectors represented. The 2014 Annual Report highlights what Commission members, and the sectors they represent, have done to take action to address climate change over the last year. Activities supporting all seven of the Commission’s priority areas are captured from supporting local authorities and town and community councils to prepare for a changing climate; supporting business, public and third sector organisations to reduce energy and carbon; promoting Green Growth; reducing emissions in the land-use and transport sectors; the National Conversation on “The Wales We Want” and supporting action in the Third Sector including the Arts.

Commission response to Policy Refresh
In 2014 members of the Commission contributed to a comprehensive response to Welsh Government’s Climate Change Policy Refresh. This was announced following the launch of Welsh Government’s Climate Change Strategy Annual Report 2013, to focus on practical action that can be taken to deliver not only on emissions targets but also to increase resilience and prosperity.

The Commission’s response included 25 specific recommendations on our key priority areas such as community renewables, recording and reporting progress in the public sector, scaling up energy efficiency retrofitting, promotion of sustainable transport, green infrastructure and public engagement. In summary the Commission feels that the refresh should focus on putting in place a much clearer structure for accountability and reporting on addressing climate change across the public sector. Key areas that need to be addressed in the refresh include interventions focused on increasing energy efficiency, securing carbon through land management and reducing emissions from electricity generation. The Commission also feels that Welsh Government need to demonstrate clear leadership on climate change issues across all departments, supported by strong governance structures focused on delivery.


Communicating Climate Change
Engagement and communication on climate change issues is a key area for a number of organisations represented on the Commission. Following the publication of the report “Hearth and Hiraeth: constructing climate change narratives around national identity” which developed language and narratives that could work with a range of social groups, the Commission are working with COIN to deliver two dissemination events for a range of stakeholders.

These events will provide an disseminate the key findings of recent research on communicating climate change, and provide people with resources to support their own communications campaigns.

Green Growth
Green Growth was identified by the Commission as one of its key priorities. A Green Growth steering group is jointly chaired by Peter Davies and Garel Rhys and reports to both the Ministers for Economy and Natural Resources on progress.

Welsh Government’s prospectus on Green Growth Wales: Investing in the Future was launched in July 2014 and outlines how the sustainable use of natural resources can create a new economic model that will deliver wealth creation and economic growth today and in to the future.

The Steering group is now working towards raising the profile of its work and creating a platform to enable organisations to share best practice, share knowledge from within and outside Wales, and most importantly link its work to the goal of a ‘prosperous Wales’ in the Well-being of Future Generations Bill. In this we are also working closely with the Green Economy Coalition, Aldersgate Group and WWF among others. Click here to read more about our work on Green Growth.

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