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Commitment to Paris Agreement

UKIP rejects Climate Change Pledge

On Wednesday March 2nd, the Climate Change Commission for Wales hosted their last meeting in its current form. All Welsh political parties were invited to sign a commitment to the Paris Agreement to demonstrate Wales’s commitment to tackling Climate Change. The Labour Party, Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats the Conservatives and the Green Party all […]

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andrew kythreotis blog

Beyond the Paris Agreement – Blog post from Dr Andrew Kythreotis

In this extended blog I am casting my geographical gaze wider than the UK and assessing what the politicians and national delegations have agreed on at the recent 21st Conference of the Parties (COPs) meeting in Paris and whether the Paris Agreement is transformative for international climate policymaking in comparison to previous COPs that have often promised […]

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Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology at COP21

Zero Carbon Britain is the flagship research project from the Centre for Alternative Technology, showing that a modern, zero-emissions society is possible using technology available today. Developed with CAT partners Track0, the ‘Who’s Getting Ready for Zero’ report builds on Zero Carbon Britain research to bring together over 100 scenarios, models and practical real life projects […]

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A time for delivery on climate change

Jessica McQuade, Swyddog Polisi ac Adfocatiaeth yn WWF Cymru yn egluro sut y gall Cymru chwarae ei rhan mewn mynd i’r afael â newid hinsawdd byd-eang yn COP21. Mae gan newid hinsawdd ganlyniadau yn holl sfferau bodolaeth ar ein planed. Mae naill ai’n effeithio ar – neu’n cael ei effeithio gan – faterion byd-eang a […]

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