21 April | The Sustain Wales Summit


21 April | The Sustain Wales Summit

Cynnal Cymru are hosting the Sustain Wales Summit – Business Innovation for a Sustainable Economy

21 April 10am – 3pm | Principality Stadium, Cardiff

“…what Wales is doing today the world will do tomorrow.”
Nikhil Seth, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, United Nations

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What innovation do we need for a Sustainable Economy?

The summit will bring together sector-leading experts who are translating the principles of sustainability into practice and will address cutting edge themes such as low-carbon technology, resource efficiency and new models of consumption.

The summit will show local and national businesses that low carbon, resource efficient and innovative business is profitable and competitive.

This event will provide delegates with the opportunity to

– Hear from global businesses about their innovative plans and ambitions.
– Learn and share best practice with business leaders.
– Discuss innovative new projects and ideas with sustainability professionals.

From April 2016 the world-leading legislation The Well-being of Future Generations Act will materially affect governance and the delivery of public services in Wales. This has major implications for anyone doing business in Wales or with Wales. The ‘Sustain Wales Summit’ will identify what innovative approaches are required in order for Wales to achieve the national Well-being Goals established by The Act. The summit will bring together experts in the field from international, sector-leading organisations to address three cutting edge themes:

– Low-Carbon technology
– Resource efficiency and the closed loop
– New models of Consumption

If you are doing business in Wales or with Wales, you need to understand this legislation and it’s potential.

Innovation underpins sustainable business practice; we have gone beyond merely doing business responsibly and now need to explore new technologies, new ways of working and new ways of procuring and consuming goods and services.

Mike Rann will close the Summit with examples of his experience as Premier of South Australia  where he pioneered many ground breaking sustainability initiatives.


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