Green Growth Forum – Chair’s Summary


Green Growth Forum – Chair’s Summary

This Green Growth Forum was hosted by the Welsh Government in partnership with the Climate Group. It was the first post “Paris (Climate Change) Agreement” event that brought together States and Regions along with representatives of the business community to focus on the delivery of the commitments agreed in December.

The overriding message from the Forum was that of optimism and opportunity. The principle of green growth provided an alternative economic model as opposed to a contradiction in terms. It redefined the nature of growth to incorporate social justice and environmental action. It also challenges the principles of what we mean by and how we measure the nature of growth in our society.

The Forum highlighted the critical importance of consistency of decision making across Government to build confidence and the predictability required for long term investment. This needs to be backed by a strong legislative framework that can give long term certainty beyond electoral cycles.

Delivering the low carbon economic transition is dependent on partnership between government, business, academia and wider civil society. This partnership is best achieved through the leadership of States and Regional Governments who are closer to communities, better connected, able to be more agile and enable innovation.

Green Growth Forum Chair’s Report

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