National Indicators

To make sure we are all working towards the same vision, the Act puts in place seven well-being goals. If we are to collectively achieve these well-being goals we need a way of measuring progress so that we can all see if, for Wales as a whole, things are getting better. That is why the […]

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smart energy future for wales

A Smarter Energy Future for Wales

On 16th March, the National Assembly for Wales will debate the recent Environment and Sustainability Committee report on a Smarter Energy Future for Wales. The report is the culmination of over 12 months work by the Committee, which started with a fact finding trip to Germany to see how the German Energiwende has transformed the […]

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Why Action on Climate Change Matters to WCVA

Clare Sain-ley-Berry, Head of Environet Cymru at WCVA, talks about Climate Change and what it means to WCVA and the third sector 2 March 2016 saw the final meeting, in its current form, of the Climate Change Commission for Wales. The Commission brings together representatives from all sectors to mobilise, and build consensus around evidence-based […]

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Green Growth Forum – Chair’s Summary

This Green Growth Forum was hosted by the Welsh Government in partnership with the Climate Group. It was the first post “Paris (Climate Change) Agreement” event that brought together States and Regions along with representatives of the business community to focus on the delivery of the commitments agreed in December. The overriding message from the […]

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cop21 logo

COP21 – Should we be celebrating?

Following the COP21 Paris climate conference in November last year, Stop Climate Chaos Cymru and the WCIA hosted a debate ‘Good COP? Bad COP?’ in the Temple of Peace, Cardiff on 27 January as a chance to reflect and synthesise the outcome of the Paris Agreement and ask the question – what does this mean […]

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