Car Clubs


Car Clubs

The Commission on Climate Change in Wales commissioned Carplus UK to undertake a study identifying the current level of car club development in Wales and the potential to employ some of the measures used to expand the car club sector in Scotland since 2010. This study explores the potential carbon reduction benefits of a programme to develop car clubs across Wales.

Car clubs in Wales are relatively underdeveloped – there has to date been no co-ordinated programme aimed at kick starting activity in promising urban and rural areas. To achieve growth from the current low base of 5 car clubs and around 450 members to a level where car clubs are accessible to all will take around a decade. This is achievable given a development strategy consisting of technical support, sharing of know-how and kick start funding.

Carplus’ research included interviews with existing car club operators in Wales, a workshop for stakeholders at Cardiff University and a stakeholder survey. In proposing a strategy for the development of a national network of car clubs in Wales, the headline policy benefits are its ability to contribute to carbon reduction and air quality targets at relatively low cost. In addition there are benefits in rural areas to improving access to services and to employers in improving their efficiency, reducing the environmental footprint of business travel and savings in overall operating costs. Click here to read the full report. Car club development in Wales – Final report 13032015 (1)

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