Carbon budgets


Carbon budgets

The Environment (Wales) Act will introduce a stronger framework for climate change targets include carbon budgets for each Ministerial portfolio. The Climate Change Strategy for Wales (2010) includes a target of cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 3% per year in areas of devolved competence. Is this sufficient to deliver the emission reductions that science demands? To answer this question, in 2015 the Commission asked Professor Kevin Anderson from the Tyndall centre to review the overall “carbon budget” for Wales – one that would be consistent with international commitments to maintain the “increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius”.

The conclude that depending on the suite of assumptions, but particularly the apportionment method chosen, Wales has a 2015-2100 carbon budget of between 467 and 711 million tonnes of CO2 (for a 33% chance of staying below 2°C). This is the equivalent of around 11 to 18 years of Wales’ current annual territorial emissions. Click here to read the full report – Carbon Budgets Wales 2015-100

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