Carbon in Procurement


Carbon in Procurement

The public sector in Wales currently spends in excess of £5.5 billion each year on the procurement of commodities, works and services. The Commission were keen to find out how carbon was considered or assessed as part of the procurement process and asked Cardiff Business school to undertake a research project to look at this. The study involved interviewing representatives from a range public, private and third sector organisations to find out what levels of awareness there were and what tools are currently used.

Findings indicated that the majority of organisations, in some form or another have embraced energy efficient and environmentally friendly practices linked to carbon. Such practices include the use of recycled products,recycling waste products (paper/plastic), installation of energy efficient lighting, vehicle fuel efficiency. However the manner in which carbon is approached differed between sectors and there does not appear to be a universal and systematic approach in considering carbon in the procurement process.

Read the full report here

Carbon Procurement Report

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