Commission’s Annual Report (2014)


Commission’s Annual Report (2014)

The Commission’s Annual Report (2014) was published in December 2014.

The report highlights what Commission members, and the sectors they represent, have done to take action to address climate change over the last year. Activities supporting all seven of the Commission’s priority areas are captured from supporting local authorities and town and community councils to prepare for a changing climate; supporting business, public and third sector organisations to reduce energy and carbon; promoting Green Growth; reducing emissions in the land-use and transport sectors; the National Conversation on “The Wales We Want” and supporting action in the Third Sector including the Arts.

You can also listen to what some of the Commission members have to say about their work:

You can download the full report below, and also read case studies about the work of some of the Commission members.

Climate Change Commission for Wales’ 2014 Annual Report
Plaid Cymru Case Study
Third Sector Case Study
WEL Case Study
Renew Case Study
Arts Council Case Study
NRW Case Study


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