Communicating Climate Change in Wales


Communicating Climate Change in Wales

In 2015 the Climate Change Commission for Wales has worked with Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) to organise two workshops on Communicating Climate Change. The aims of the workshops was to disseminate key findings from recent reports and research, and to explore ways of integrating these findings with best practice principles of climate change communication.


In 2012 the Welsh Government commissioned COIN and others to undertake a Narratives Project – to develop a compelling and clear narrative about sustainable development and climate change which will allow people to see the concepts in a positive, constructive and hopeful frame and to motivate them to both support the Government’s action and take action themselves.
This framework was published in November 2013;  followed by a specific report on climate change narratives – Hearth & Hiraeth – in June 2014.


Over 50 people attended these sessions, which were led by George Marshall from COIN, to learn about and discuss issues such as

  • how we can talk to diverse, and sometimes challenging audiences, about climate change by building a narrative based on people’s shared values and identity, and how we can use these as a starting point for communication and engagement;
  • how good communication needs to support values & identity and needs to build on the fact that people are motivated by their sense of belonging (to a place or a group), whilst weak communication speaks poorly to people’s values;
  • exactly what are we trying to communicate and which words (frames) should be used and which should be avoided;
  • the qualities and values that might define a ‘welsh identity’ include landscape, heritage, culture, language, humour, communities.


A number of useful reports and resources can be found at


Talking Climate

Examples of other global communications:

For the love of 

Climate Wisconsin

Sing for the Climate, Belgium

George’s powerpoint presentation can be downloaded below, as well the following resources

Welsh Government SD Narratives Framework

COIN Hearth & Hiraeth report

Cynnal Cymru’s SD Narratives report

Comms Worskshop Wrexham 30th April 2015

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