Key priorities for the Commission

The Commission’s work facilitates the Welsh Government’s efforts to tackle climate change by providing advice, as well as scrutinising and reporting on progress. We also seek to mobilise action and build consensus across sectors.

The CCCW produced its Second Annual Report in February 2013; in this report seven key priority areas were identified:

  1. Building Resilience to Manage the Impact
  2. Reducing Emissions from Built Environment
  3. The Transport Challenge
  4. Accelerating the Transition to a Low-carbon Economy
  5. Leadership Action in the Public Sector
  6. Engaging Civil Society
  7. Managing our Land Use

The Commission is supported by a number of defined sub-groups working on the priority themes:


Adaptation sub-group: Chaired by Jim Poole of Natural Resources Wales, this group has been promoting adaptation issues in Wales and are working with Welsh Government to develop Sectoral Adaptation plans (SAPs). For more information click here.


Land Use sub-group: Chaired by Bernard Llewellyn, NFU Cymru, this group provides an advisory and monitoring role on issues covering agriculture, land use, land use change, forestry, and the food chain. The recent Land use and climate change report can be viewed here.

Built Env RGB

Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub is managed by Constructing Excellence Wales. Its remit is to take forward the work of reducing carbon emissions from the built environment and help meet Welsh Government targets. For further details of the Hub’s activities visit


Sustainable Transport: chaired by Jane Lorimer, Director of Sustrans Cymru, the Sustainable Transport sub-group supports efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of travelling by encouraging modal shift, and to create an environment where people have access to essential local services without the need to use a car. For more information click here.


Green Economy: Green Growth was identified by the Commission as one of its key priorities if we are to achieve a sustainable Wales, and since 2012 we have hosted a number of roundtable discussions and events to engage business, public and the third sector and to discuss and develop a route map to a green economy for Wales. For more information click here.

Although the work of the Commission is focused on Wales, we collaborate with similar bodies and organisations in a UK, European and global context. Climate change is a global problem that requires collective global action. We believe Wales can play a significant role in being part of the solution and the Commission commends the Welsh Government’s continued commitment to the Wales for Africa programme, its membership of the Climate Group and the Network of Regional Government for Sustainable Development.

‘Moving It On’ Group

A delivery group has been created with representatives from organisations largely funded by the Welsh Government. This group oversees and steers the work of the Commission, and to support delivery of the key areas for action.

The ‘Moving It On Group’ is responsible for steering development and monitoring delivery of the Commission’s annual work programme in consultation with Commission members. This will include highlighting themes and opportunities for prioritising the Commission’s work and providing general support to maintain and build a consensus on tackling climate change.

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